A soulful sanctuary

When the ultra-luxurious Banyan Tree Ilha Caldeira opens it will be the second Banyan Tree development on the African continent — just one more reason to visit magical Mozambique.

Mozambique is undoubtedly one of the continent’s finest coastal destinations, with its beaches consistently voted among the best in the world, and soon it will have another attraction for well-heeled travellers.

The Banyan Tree Group is bringing its philosophy of effortless, sustainable luxury to the Mozambican shores when it opens Banyan Tree Ilha Caldeira in the idyllic Primeiras and Segundas Archipelago marine reserve in 2023.

Perfect seclusion

The Primeiras and Segundas Archipelago is a chain of 10 sparsely inhabited barrier islands and two coral reef complexes along the western side of the Mozambique Channel near the coastal city of Angoche.

The five Segundas islands are in the north, separated from the five islands of the Primeiras chain to the south by a stretch of water and reefs. The area is picture-perfect and an important part of a unique, biodiverse marine eco-system. Think coral reefs, beds of seagrass, which are important habitats for sea turtles and dugongs, white sand and turquoise waters. The southern islands support Mozambique’s largest nesting grounds for green sea turtles, while hawksbill sea turtles also use the beaches.

With Gorongosa National Park nearby, this is also paradise found for travellers looking to combine sea and safari.

“Here in Mozambique, we celebrate life in every way we can. Each day is a chance to experience something new and exciting, whether it's exploring our wonderful ocean and undersea world or our amazing coastline, indulging in sensational cuisine or dancing to the infectious rhythms of our music.”

Eduardo Johnston da Silva, General Manager Banyan Tree Ilha Caldeira

Magical marine life

The archipelago, which also hosts the most important dugong population in the western Indian Ocean, is under the eye of joint conservation and development projects by CARE and the World Wildlife Fund in cooperation with the government of Mozambique and local NGOs. These projects aim to preserve the environment and surrounding coral reef system, restore fisheries, protect breeding grounds for sooty terns, dugongs and green sea turtles, and create a better quality of life for the region’s people.


Sublime privacy

Ilha Caldeira’s 40 sea-facing private-pool villas are designed to embrace the island’s natural beauty and have a special Mozambican flavour. “I’m an exceptionally proud Mozambican and am looking forward to sharing my heritage with visitors from across the globe,” says Eduardo Johnston da Silva, general manager of the resort. “Banyan Tree Ilha Caldeira offers guests the chance to have a multi-experience holiday that immerses them in the African way of life and introduces them to everything that sets Mozambique apart and makes it so special.”


Authentic culture

Each villa on this private island comes with its own villa host who is at your beck and call. In addition to enjoying beach and water activities, including snorkelling, diving, swimming with whale sharks, snorkelling with dolphins and whales, guests can indulge in spa treatments and discover the country’s delicious flavours and cultures. The culinary experience will be focused on regionally sourced, and locally curated menus, with an abundance of fresh seafood and Mozambique’s famous peri-peri.

Soul Quench

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