New York writer, commentator and podcast host Malcolm Gladwell is a self-proclaimed car nut. This made him the perfect host to collaborate with Lexus for a six-part podcast. In the series, Gladwell travels to Japan to discover the unconventional thinking and processes in an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the luxury automaker.

Author Malcolm Gladwell’s unique storytelling ability shines through as he explores how culture and engineering merge at Lexus.

The podcast title, Go and See, is an approximate translation of the Japanese genchi genbutsu, or “go and see for yourself”. The idea stems from the belief that a person will have a better understanding of people and design processes from actual personal experience.




The podcast series follows Gladwell as he travels to the Lexus headquarters in Japan, ex- plores a top-secret racetrack, and shadows engi- neers and executives – all the while gaining first- hand exposure to how Lexus takes learning from research on human behaviour and processes that have set the brand apart.

Each episode dives deep into unique elements of the luxury automaker’s identity, from how a Japanese tea ceremony influenced the engineering of a car window, to the musical composition of a coupé’s engine and the emotions it elicits. Go and See offers car nuts like Gladwell, and anyone who is curious, a true appreciation of the exceptional craftsmanship behind the Lexus badge.

“Human-centred design has been a Lexus core value since inception, and this has led to some interesting and original approaches through the years,” says Lisa Materazzo, Vice President, Lexus Marketing.

Gladwell adds, “In Japan, I saw first-hand just how much thought and cultural know-how and expertise goes into the final product.”

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