Have you ever wondered what could take the already luxurious and sporty Lexus to the next level? The LC 500 convertible may very well be the answer.

Lexus is known as the ultimate in Japanese luxury sports cars. The samurai sword in a world of pocket knives, if you will. And since 2018, the LC 500 has been the marque’s flagship. Now, Lexus has taken that one step further with the introduction to South Africa of the LC 500 convertible. As a grand tourer that puts the emphasis on vehicle performance, the open-top version of the LC 500 seeks to cement its position in the market as the ultimate in convertible sports cars 

The luxurious interior of the Lexus LC 500 convertible

The LC 500 convertible’s design is unmistakably Lexus. With its angular yet elegant shape, it sets itself apart from its competitors. Its sharp edges give the feeling it could cut through a roll of sushi easier than a sashimi knife. The interior of the LC 500 convertible emphasises its position as a luxurious convertible. Making use of high-quality materials, from the leather and switchgear to the magnesium paddle shifters, everything the driver and passenger interact with will be met with a feeling of reassuring tactility.  

Adding to Lexus’s luxury is the car’s infotainment system. A 10.3-inch display graces the front fascia, allowing the occupants to interact and adjust features such as climate control and entertainment. Built-in Apple CarPlay and Android Auto add to the LC 500 convertible’s ease of use. Those who know Lexus will find the rev counter and speedometer familiar, as the LC 500 makes use of a similar set-up as found in the bewitching Lexus LFA. 

The LC 500 convertible’s design is unmistakably Lexus.

Power and performance 

Let’s discuss the heart of the LC 500 convertible – the engine. Housed beneath the bonnet is a 5.0-litre, naturally aspirated V8 producing no less than 346kW (464hp) accompanied by 530Nm of torque as its wingman. All these figures allow the LC 500 convertible to reach 100km/h from standstill in five seconds flat, meaning that although it’s an extremely comfortable long-distance cruiser, performance is most certainly not the last item on its to-do list. All the power is directed to the rear wheels alone, providing a more playful and driver-focused driving experience. In a world where turbocharging and electrification are the order of the day, it’s almost a miracle that Lexus can still produce a large-capacity internal combustion engine without adding any features within the powerplant to dampen the sound. In this way, Lexus is able to create an emotional driving experience, a sensory connection between the driver and the car. 

The roof of the Lexus LC500 comes down in just 16 seconds. Top down

Of course, being based on the LC 500 coupe, Lexus wanted to minimise the effects of taking the roof off the convertible. Additional strengthening along the floor of the car gives the driver confidence that the rigidity found in the coupe has been translated through to the convertible. As a result, in just 16 seconds your enclosed capsule of Lexus luxury can be transformed into a million miles of head room, with the added benefit of coupe-like dynamics. Now, with great head room comes great wind noise, and buffeting within the cabin is about as pleasant as waiting in line at Home Affairs. However, Lexus has gone to great lengths to keep buffeting to a minimum. Carefully engineered airflow management, thanks to the wind deflector located behind the driver and passenger, makes for the perfectly breezy open-air ride.  

As standard, the LC 500 convertible arrives with 20-inch wheels. However, should customers wish to, the Lexus Sport+ pack can be added as an optional extra. This option ticks the boxes of providing 21-inch rims, a limited-slip differential, neck heaters for the occupants and an upgrade for the leather upholstery. And for those who enjoy having their favourite artists performing live in the car with them, a 915-watt, 13-speaker Mark Levinson surround sound audio system will ensure a wondrous audio experience for every journey.  

The Lexus LC500 is the car we all crave in our lives.

The Lexus LC 500 convertible is that car we all crave in our lives. Sumptuous, spa-like comfort, oodles of power under your right foot and the sun shining down on you. What more could you want in life? The LC 500 convertible is a luxury sports car that makes a statement, and because it’s from Japan, the cool factor instantly shoots up another level. It’s the colour in a world of black and white, the carefully crafted dish in a kitchen full of fast food, an exquisite suit in a wardrobe full of T-shirts. It stands out from the crowd, and in a world where that’s becoming increasingly difficult, Lexus has provided the perfect solution.