Vinyl vogue

When it comes to this distinguished turntable, it’s all about DYNAMIC stabilisation

You don’t need to be an audiophile to appreciate the mastery of the Kronos Sparta turntable. With its three-layer construction, this pared-down version of the bigger, more ornate Kronos Pro is a study in elegance and technology.

As an analogue rig, the Sparta is streaks ahead of its counterparts. Clarity of sound is an obvious virtue, but listeners can even identify how musicians were positioned during a recording. Without getting too technical, the vibration-inducing torque force present in suspended turntables simply doesn’t exist in this hi-fi setup.

That’s because this special piece of wizardry showcases the “dual platter counter-rotating revolution”, which effectively eliminates all environmental and mechanical noise. It’s a clear application of Newton’s second law of motion, with two platters of the same mass, rotating in opposite directions at the same speed, using the same bearings and motors. No other turntable compares. R596 000 |